Mini-Investigation Guide

Mini-Investigation is a standardized service that allows customers to request, track, and receive results of a business investigation. Submitted requests are sent to Dun & Bradstreet or partner offices around the world to research and verify the information.

Mini-Investigation is available for both U.S. and Non-U.S. records.

A separate contract is needed if you intend to use the Mini-Investigation service.

The D&B Direct+ Mini-Investigation API provides the same functionality available on the Mini-Investigation Portal (

Mini-Investigation Request Flow


Service Description

Mini-Investigation processing includes in-depth checks of public information sources and telephone calling to confirm business operations and gather information necessary to create a new record.

Public sources consulted include Secretaries of State, local business registries and company web sites. Telephone calling to interview a principal or authorized spokesperson for the subject business includes up to three calls over a minimum of two business days.

The following data elements are collected through Mini-Investigation:

  • Business Name/Trade Style
  • Year Started
  • Physical/Mail Address
  • Number of Employees
  • Telephone Number
  • Sales Figure
  • Line of Business/SIC
  • One Level Up Linkage (When Applicable)
  • Chief Executive/Owner

Output for Mini-Investigation includes a D-U-N-S Number®, if the matching effort is successful, and a Resolution Code. If a Mini-Investigation results in creation of a new record, the data for that record may be retrieved from the D&B Database approximately 14 days after the Mini-Investigation is completed.

Using the API

Using the API, you can:

  1. Submit a new request. See the Mini-Investigation Submit Request API page for details. Once submitted, the system will send an email confirmation to the email address provided in the request. Mini-Investigation supports maximum of 25 requests per country per customer per day.
  2. Check the status of your request. See the Mini-Investigation Status API page.

Submission Confirmation Email

This e-mail will indicate Dun & Bradstreet has received your investigation request and provide an estimated completion date and a unique request id.
Thank you for submitting your Mini-Investigation Request to Dun & Bradstreet. Your request should be completed mm/dd/yyyy. Your request id is: xxxxx-xx

Please contact if you have any questions. 

Investigation Complete Email

When the investigation request is completed and the business information provided has been verified, the e-mail will be similar to the below examples.

Information was verified:

Your Mini-Investigation request submitted on mm/dd/yyyy with ID Number _xxxxxx-xx_ has been completed.

DUNS Number: 123456789
Resolution Description: Match Found via host investigation, no update occurred.
The following information was submitted as part of your request:
Account: yourcompany
Name: ABC Company, Inc.
City: Houston

Thank you for using D&B's Mini-Investigation Service.

Information in the request could not be verified; no DUNS was created or updated:

Your Mini-Investigation request submitted on _xx/xx/xxxx_ with ID Number _xxxxxx-xx_ has been completed.
We were not able to provide a DUNS Number for this request.
Resolution Description: Unable to Verify If you have new or additional information regarding the subject of your inquiry, please submit a new Mini-Investigation request.
The following information was submitted as part of your request:
Account:  yourcompany
Name: ABC Company, Inc.
City: Atlanta

Thank you for using D&B's Mini-Investigation Service.

Resolution Codes

Code Description
30 Host country investigation
40 Held in host country
100 A new DUNS Number created for the requested business
101 A new DUNS Number created using a third-party source
106 Match found in the D&B database, no investigation needed
107 Match found during investigation, DUNS number returned is the correct information
108 Match found during Investigation, DUNS number required an update
109 Match found DUNS number was updated using a third-party source
122 Match found D&B has the correct business name customer has a previous name
123 Match-found customer name is a trade-style
124 Match-found customer record is an abbreviated name
125 Match-found customer record indicates current business name, DUNS number has been updated
126 Match-found D&B name incorrect report has been updated with the correct name
127 Match-found customer record indicates a previous address
128 Match-found customer record indicates current address, DUNS number has been updated
129 Match-found D&B address incorrect, customer address correct, DUNS number has been updated
201 No phone number provided, no phone number could be located for the business
203 Incoming information is an individual's name
204 Company or location identified as out of business after investigation
208 Unable to verify information (any of the below can be true)

- Uncooperative customer declined information
- Unable to verify customer's information as provided
- Constant busy signal or phone rings but with no answer.
- Phone number provided incorrect, no alternative phone was found
209 Messages left to verify information were not returned
210 Incomplete; customer did not provide a valid business name or valid a city
211 Unable to verify after attempts to contact the business and third-party sources
212 Customer has submitted the wrong country for this business, no investigation can occur.
213 Business sold/merged into another business
214 No DUNS number can be assigned due to local Government regulations
298 Mini-Investigations currently has no coverage in this country
299 Request canceled

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where is my investigation request? Use the Mini-Investigation Status API call to get a status of pending requests.
  • How will I know when my investigation has been completed? You will receive an e-mail response with the results of your investigation.
  • How soon will my investigation be completed? The anticipated completion date will be in the e-mail you receive confirming we have received your request.
  • Why am I limited to the number of investigations I can request? In order to effectively manage all new investigation requests, you will be limited to the number of investigation you can submit daily.
  • What if I don't have all of the data elements requested on the entry form? To perform an investigation, we need at minimum, the business name, the city (state or providence) and country. It is important that you submit as much information as possible to enhance the investigation effort.
  • Who can I contact if I still need assistance?

If you still need help you can send an e-mail to Please include the company you are with and as much information about the request as possible.