Reference Data Guide

Reference Data is used to classify entities or their properties using a standard set of descriptors. These include categories such as Family Tree Role, Job Position, Industry, Business Entity Type (i.e., Legal Form), and many others. The Reference Data API provides a list of these descriptors.

Reference Data codes may be needed for the following:

  • Search requests: Obtain values for the requests parameters that require codes in order to perform a search.
  • Responses: Identify the possible codes that will be returned in responses to create rules that can be triggered when ingesting the data.

Using the API

Using the API, you can:

  1. Submit a request to retrieve all available categories. See the Get All Categories API page for details. Once submitted the response will return all categories and their respective IDs.
  2. Choose the desired category name or ID and submit a request to get all available codes for that category. See the Get All Codes for Category API page for details.
  3. Use one of the codes obtained from the specified category in a search request. For example, see the Criteria Search API page for request parameters requiring values that can be obtained from the Reference Data API.