Standard Data Blocks

Enables you to retrieve data on a specific entity or category. In a single online API request, multiple data blocks can be pulled. Monitoring is supported for all elements of standard data blocks except "Business Activity Insights", "Derived Trade Insights", "Inquiry Insights", "Spend Insights" data block and Data File (Batch) is supported for all elements of standard data blocks except Company Financials Levels 2, 3 & 4 and Filings & Events Level 3 due to their flattened-out sizes, however these 4 Levels can be delivered in Batch JSON format. Please refer here for generating the Technical Specifications of different data blocks combination.

For China, due to local regulatory requirements limited data is available for online & monitoring and transactions response time will be longer.

Base Information - Please note that when you request at least one standard data block in a request you will always receive the DUNS Number, Primary Business Name, and Country ISO Alpha2 code for the requested company.

Business Activity Insights

Business activities are signals that show there is a demonstrated commercial engagement from either the D&B Data Cloud data ingestion or customer discovery via Dun & Bradstreet licensed services.

  • Level1 - Summary of D-U-N-S™ Number activity for 3 months.
  • Level2 - Summary of D-U-N-S™ Number activity for 6 months.
  • Level3 - Summary of D-U-N-S™ Number activity for 12 months.

Company Financials

Financial statement information on both private and public companies around the world. The summary contains up to 36 individually named elements but this data is, for the most part, as per the statements provided by each country and include the local nuances specific to some countries.

  • Level1 - Single latest D&B fiscal summary financials. If both consolidated and individual statements are available as the latest statement, then only consolidated will be returned.
  • Level2 - Historical D&B summary financials, including interim, fiscal, consolidated, individual. Up to 5 years.
  • Level3 - Latest D&B fiscal financial statement, in key value pairs.
  • Level4 - Historical D&B financial statements, in key value pairs. Up to 5 years.
  • Third Party Financials - All Financial Statements sourced from third-party solution providers, currently Morningstar.

Company Information

Provides basic data about a company, including name and address, industry/business activity type, size, and country/region identification numbers.

  • Level1 - Basic information about a company primarily used to validate the Match found in Company Entity Resolution such as Business Name, Primary Address, Telephone, Web Address and Primary Industry Codes. This Level is required as it is the starting point for all data block licenses.
  • Level2 - Additional information on a company including Sales, Employees, Industry Codes, Mailing Address and other information.
  • Level3 - Information on a company's competition, editorial information and Assignment Model data.
  • Level4 - Country specific data elements that are considered of higher value and pertain to the organization. Currently specific to the Japanese market and includes primary supplier and customer names and D-U-N-S Numbers.
  • Advanced Geoposition - More precise latitude and longitude for pinpointing where a business is located. This side block is available for the Public sector only.

Derived Trade Insights

Detailed breakdown of commercial unsecured trade lines leveraged by a D-U-N-S™ Numbered entity.

  • Level1 - 12 month summary of experiences and PAYDEX®.
  • Level2 - 3, 6 and 9 month experience counts and aging by delinquency time period (30, 60, 90 and 90+ days late).
  • Level3 - 24 and 36 month experience counts and aging by delinquency time period (30, 60, 90 and 90+ days late).

Diversity Insights

Reported indicators on the business ownership structure of the company, such as women, minority or other designations. Please note that the LGTBQ owned business data is only available in block level 3 and should only be used for supplier diversity purposes.

  • Level1 - Basic indicators that are either modeled or identified from an outside source.
  • Level2 - Indicators from outside sources, many of which have certification status.
  • Level3 - Certification details for the indicators in Level 2 including certification levels, source names and certification dates.

External Disruption Insights

Provides the likelihood of a business failing in the months following a natural disaster. Inputs such as financial stress, industry, business size, local reliance, and supply chain characteristics may contribute to the index. This score is critical for the planning & recovery use cases, especially for disaster recovery and workforce development. It is also useful for the protect supply chain use case.
The first set of data to be included in this Data Block are the Hurricane Vulnerability scores.

  • Level1 - Vulnerability Scores and Score Dates.
  • Level2 - Vulnerability Percentiles.
  • Level3 - Vulnerability Scores and Percentiles on a Peer level.
  • Level4 - Data Depth.

Filings & Events

Information about legal events associated with a company, such as: registrations with local authorities, suits, liens, bankruptcies/financial embarrassment. Also includes financing statements, public notices, US government awards data and special events information.

  • Level1 - Indicators as to whether or not various filings types are present on a company, whether or not certain types of awards have been granted or whether or not certain types of events have taken place such as a natural disaster.
  • Level2 - Counts (number) and amounts (values) within the last 12 months as well as basic information on all types of legal filings and awards.
  • Level3 - Detailed information on all filings and events, including details on suits, liens, judgments, bankruptcies/insolvencies, debarments, collection claims, US government awards and more with commentary and filing office information.

Financial Strength Insights

Analytically-derived scores and ratings to help Finance professionals with many of their everyday use cases involving assessment of other companies. Only available for the Finance domain.

  • Level1 - Current Delinquency and Current Failure Score Classes as well as the standard Dun & Bradstreet Rating information.
  • Level2 - Percentile information for the scores in Level 1 in addition to Credit Limit recommendations.
  • Level3 - Raw score and commentary information on the scores in the earlier Levels as well as D&B Viability Score information, and Industry Norms data.
  • Level4 - 12 month history of the scores in earlier Levels as well as trend information.
  • Level5 - Overall Business Ranking information.

Hierarchies & Connections

Identifies entities associated with a given company in terms of legal ownership, franchises and other connection types. Often referred to as a "family tree". A customer must "buy in" at Level 1, but can then get any of the other options (referred to as side blocks) they require without having to get all of them. The Side Block responses are going to contain only the data associated with those offerings and in most cases cannot be combined with other enrichment data. Level 1 & Alternative Linkage side block do not contain Full Family Tree or Upward Family Tree side block data elements. Full Family Tree and Upward Family Tree side blocks must be called separately and do not include Level 1 or Alternative Linkage data elements.

  • Level1 - Information on the Headquarter or Parent of a business as well as the highest family member within a family tree. It also includes information on the highest member of a tree within the same country as the site record.
  • Alternative Linkage - Identifies operational ultimate records for records that are franchises, dealers, networks, co-operatives, etc.

Inquiry Insights

Provides insights into D-U-N-S™ Number level activity showing velocity and trends valuable for activity evaluation, sizing, opportunity definition and potential fraud detection. US only, monthly summary.

  • Level1 - Total count of inquiries on a D-U-N-S™ Number.
  • Level2 - Time based summary of inquiries at D-U-N-S™ Number (e.g. 6, 9, 12, 24 months).
  • Level3 - Annual summary of inquiries by industry (e.g. 3, 6, 9, 12 moths).
  • Level4 - Historic summary of inquiries by industry (e.g. 24, 36, 48 moths).

Ownership Insights

Information on the people and companies who own shares of a given business entity and/or who ultimately benefit from the result of that business' operations.

  • Level1 - Information on the shareholders of the company; whether individuals or businesses.

Payment Insights

Information related to a company's payment history and profile. This includes the Dun & Bradstreet Paydex® score - both current and historical - high credit amount information and industry norm data.

  • Level1 - Current PAYDEX, Average Days Beyond Terms as well as the number of payment experiences for a company.
  • Level2 - Summary information, counts/amounts/percentages, for key Payment Manners.
  • Level3 - Industry Norms, 3-Month Ago PAYDEX summary information.
  • Level4 - Information on full payment manner breakouts and historical Paydex scores.

Principals & Contacts

Information about company employees and principals, including: names, titles, and - where permitted - contact information. Data within the Principals and Contacts block is split between Principals data and Contact data. Principals data, representing executives and directors associated with a company and available globally, is available when calling the Data Block API for all levels of Principals & Contacts Block. This Principals data is available through data file as well as the Data Block API. This request can be combined in the same call with a request for other entitled data blocks.

  • Level1 - Information on the most senior person known at the company.
  • Level2 - Information on the rest of the known current principals and contacts at the company.
  • Level3 - Additional information about the current principals including nationality, birth date and areas of responsibility, generally used for Compliance use cases.
  • Level4 - Information on former principals of the company.

Sales & Marketing Insights

Analytically-derived scores and predictive indicators to help Sales & Marketing professionals with many of their everyday use cases involving to whom to target and sell. Only available for the Sales & Marketing domain.

  • Level1 - Scores that help determine the likelihood of paying on time. The Block uses Delinquency score to derive the likelihood.
  • Level2 - Codes based on analytical modeling that provide insight into various aspects of how changes at a company affect possible sales or marketing efforts.
  • Level3 - Analytical modeling that represents the spending classifications of a company as well as information to help identify the buying locations within a family tree. Historical and norms data may be available in this level in the future. Current scores include Decision HQ and Buydex.
  • Foot Traffic (US records only) - Analytics that help businesses measure business opportunity or risk based on the estimated number of visitors.

Shipping Insights

  • Level1 - Provides data about which companies have shipping transactions associated to them, the count of transactions, as well as which roles the company played within the transactions.

Spend Insights

Derived insights from merchant data for over 10 million D-U-N-S™ Numbered entities in North America.

  • Level1 - Annual spend activity summarized at D-U-N-S™ Number level, including average order size, order volume and spend range.
  • Level2 - D-U-N-S™ Number Average Order size, Order Volume and Spend Ranges at 6 months.
  • Level3 - D-U-N-S™ Number spend amounts, details on time since order and category of spend activity for 6 and 12 month periods.
  • Level4 - Unique purchasers count and location of vendor (online, distributor or retail) definitions for 6 and 12 month periods.

Third-Party Risk Insights

Analytically-derived scores and ratings to help Strategic Sourcing and Compliance professionals with many of their everyday use cases involving assessment of other companies. Only available for the Supplier and Compliance domains.

  • Level1 - Supplier Evaluation Risk & Supplier Stability Index Scores.

Small Business Financial Exchange Insight (SBFE)

The D&B Direct for Finance - SBFE solution is a customizable solution that can provide more than 700 data fields based on the Small Business Financial Exchange SBFE Data™ and Dun & Bradstreet Analytics. This solution is only available to SBFE Members™ and Exchange Participants.

D&B Direct for Finance - SBFE solution has a configurable search service that provides the user the ability to search for businesses based on the presence of SBFE. Dun & Bradstreet has released a new and improved process to maximize the match and hit rate to SBFE Data, and provide the best candidate or candidate list to users who are entitled to the D&B Direct for Finance SBFE solution. This feature utilizes new logic when users submit a Lookup request, to now search both DNB and SBFE data and present a single combined candidate list. This SBFE Match request will retrieve both standard D-U-N-S, D-U-N-S with SBFE Data, and SBFE match candidates (AGN), and present them in the same response indicating which D-U-N-S have SBFE data along with non-D-U-N-S SBFE match candidates (AGN). By default, match candidates will be sorted in descending order by Confidence Code. Additionally, filter criteria provide the user with flexibility in the sort order of the candidates by presence of SBFE Date in each candidate to maximize hit rate to SBFE Data. Customers wishing to use this new service will need to use the new SBFE Match services that includes the new filters and be entitled to use SBFE data.

Please work with your D&B Representative for details on this Data Block(s).

Add-Ons/Non-Standard Data Blocks

Click here for more information on Add-Ons/Non-Standard Data Blocks.