Corporate Linkage APIs

The Corporate Linkage Data Products provide corporate linkage details for the requested D-U-N-S Number. The following pare available:

Product Description Geographic Coverage
Alternate Linkage (lnkalt) Alternate Linkage identifies Alternative Operational linkages for a specific company. Alternate linkages provide additional transparency beyond Corporate Linkage by showing relationships of franchises, dealers, agents, health networks, and cooperatives.

Product is available if the D-U-N-S Number has alternate linkages.
Minority Linkage (lnkmin) Minority Linkage identifies ownerships of less than 50% (i.e., holders of equity issued by the subject company, where the respective nominal holding of each shareholder is not sufficient to give that shareholder control of the subject company).

Product is available if the D-U-N-S Number has minority share owners.
Upward Corporate Linkage (lnkupd) Upward Linkage is the most efficient way to gain visibility into global business-to-business relationships. e.g. Provides Global Ultimate, Domestic Ultimate, Parent or HQ details of given D-U-N-S Number.

Product is available if the D-U-N-S Number is not a standalone organization.
Global Beneficial Ownership (lnkgbo) Global Beneficial Ownership identifies the global corporate linkage and individual share ownership of a company. Global
Extended Linkage Insight (lnkeli) Extended Linkage Insight utilizes Machine Learning to link businesses as a linkage expert would and capture a wide spectrum of potential relationship including majority ownership, minority ownership, franchise, dealership and much more.

Note: The LNKELI returns the Extended Linkage Insight only for the specific request DUNS (single DUNS append) and not for the full ELI family tree.
Family Tree, Full Full Family Tree provides the ability to get a full view of the linkage associations for the specified D-U-N-S Number Global
Family Tree, Upward Family Tree Upward provides the ability to get a upward view of the specified D-U-N-S Number. e.g. Provides details of given D-U-N-S Number's parent or HQ, and that DUNS parent or HQ, and so on until the Global Ultimate. Global

Before using any API, you must have an access token; see the Authentication page for more information.

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