Restricted Party Screening

Whether you are performing diligence on anti-bribery / anti-corruption, know your third parties, KYC or AML our Direct+ API Restricted Party Screening Solution is an essential part of your onboarding and ongoing monitoring processes. One should use the features of Restricted Party Screening to:

Dun & Bradstreet provides access to world class data assets to support restricted party screening. We have a combination of:

  1. Sanctions and watchlists curated throughout the globe
  2. A constantly updated database of officials deemed to be politically exposed based on Wolfsburg principles
  3. More than 100k aggregated adverse media sources that bring together articles looking for particularly words or phrases within those articles to distinguish them as potential risk in the restricted party screening space

Dun & Bradstreet provide two option for integrating restricted party screening:

D&B Restricted Party Screening Enables you to embed screening workflow into your process, manage and maintain false positive remediation and adjudication. It will helps you to react to material change based on your own policies.
Dow Jones Screening Services This service based on our relationship with Dow Jones enables you to screen against restricted party lists and to drill down into the detail on a specific party

Before using any API, you must have an access token; see the Authentication page for more information.

The following resources are available: