Dun & Bradstreet offers data from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud in packages termed 'Data Blocks' and 'Add-ons'.

Data Blocks

A Data Block is a logical, topic-based grouping of data elements from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. Data Blocks empower clients to easily ingest the world-class data they require across their enterprise and do that in a consistent and scalable manner.

Clients can 'stack' data blocks together to customize the data and insights they require to address any use case across their business. Customer's specific combination of Data Blocks are delivered via API, flat files, or a combination. Data Blocks are licensed by domain: Sales & Marketing, Finance, Supply and Compliance.

Data Blocks are made up of approximately 2,500 data elements. Levels have been created within the data blocks to throttle the volume of content delivered in line with a customer's needs/ability to ingest content.

Direct+ offers various Standard and Add-Ons/Non-Standard Data Blocks to support a variety of customer use cases.

Standard Data Blocks

Enables you to retrieve data on a specific entity or category. In a single online API request, multiple data blocks can be pulled. Monitoring is supported for all elements of standard data blocks except "Business Activity Insights", "Derived Trade Insights", "Inquiry Insights", "Spend Insights" data block and Data File (Batch) is supported for all elements of standard data blocks except Company Financials Levels 2, 3 & 4 and Filings & Events Level 3 due to their flattened-out sizes, however these 4 Levels can be delivered in Batch JSON format.

Please refer Standard Data Blocks page for more information.

Add-Ons/Non-Standard Data Blocks

Each Add-Ons/Non-Standard Data Blocks to be consumed using its own specific online API request. Monitoring and Data File (Batch) are supported for some of non-standard data blocks.

Please refer Add-Ons/Non-Standard Data Blocks page for more information.

Use Cases

Please refer below links for few use cases for Data Blocks: